Where can I buy your compostable foodservice products?

Please call or email Green Century for supplier/distributor information @ 604.214.7719 or info@greencenturyalbania.com.

Where can I buy takeout containers?

Green Century has a great line of takeout containers to choose from. We have traditional fold-top boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, bagasse clamshells, and soup bowls for all your takeout needs. Contact us and we will get guide you to where you can buy our products from!

Where Can I buy compostable paper plates?

Green Century manufactures 100% compostable bagasse paper plates. Click HERE to go directly to that page!

Where can I buy compostable Clamshells or Hinged-Lid containers?

Green Century manufactures 100% compostable Clamshells and Hinged-Lid containers. Click here to go directly to that page!

What is the shelf life of your Compostable products?

Bagasse products made from non-wood fibers, have no maximum shelf life. Our PLA products should be stored in a cool dry area to achieve maximum life expectancy 2 + years. PLA products should not be exposed to temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius or more.

What is the difference between composting and recycling?

Composting involves the decomposition of organic material by bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Recycling is re-processing used materials to create new items. Recycling works by collecting used “waste”, sorting the materials, breaking it down into basic components and then recreating new goods. Biodegradable products are compostable, while most plastics are recyclable. Paper can be either composted or recycled.

What is the difference between Biodegradable and Compostable?

Compostable means that the product will completely break down into carbon dioxide, water and sometimes humus (organic matter that remains after plant residues have decomposed), under specific conditions. A compostable product will not contaminate the environment and not reduce the value of the finished compost. When a product is compostable, it should meet American Society of Testing and Materials standards.

Biodegradable products are those that partially break down. Biodegradable products will leave traces of material in the environment, may release toxicity in the environment and cannot be used by the earth’s ecosystem as a food source.

What is PLA made from?

Polylactic acid is a plant based polymer made from corn starch which is a renewable resource. Click HERE and we will take you to the technology and show you how it works.

What is composting?

Composting is the breakdown of organic material into humus. This is done through bacteria, yeasts and fungi, which help create the conditions for humus to turn into healthy, fertile soil.

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a dry pulp left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane.

What if I need a specialty item that is not listed in your product catalogue?

A. GreenCentury® is a dynamic “concept manufacturer”. We have the ability to design and manufacture unique products according to your specific and specialized application or presentation needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibility of designing something unique just for you.

What are your compostable products made from?

Green Century compostable products are made from a variety of compostable materials which currently include: Compostable PLA, plastic made from cornstarch, plant starch and sustainable paper alternatives such as Bagasse, which is the pulp from sugar cane. These products come from annually renewable resources and are sustainably manufactured, non-toxic while in use and decompose back into the soil.

Have your items been tested and certified for Composting?

Yes they have! All of our PLA hot cups, PLA Cold Cups, PLA soup bowls, Bagasse plates, bagasse clamshells and CPLA cutlery are ALL BPI Certified.

Can you provide custom printing or private branding for products?

Yes, we absolutely can. Our products can be provided directly from the manufacturer with many different custom packaging and printing options. Please contact our product professionals for information regarding product branding or printing.

Can you private label foodservice products?

Yes we certainly can! Please contact us and let our team help you with you private labeling objectives.

Can you manufacture custom printed hot cups?

Yes we can! And not only can we do custom printed hot cups, but also our cold cups, soup bowls, fold-top containers, hot cup sleeves and chopsticks can be custom printed as well.